Accounting jobs to pursue with an accounting degree

Accounting jobs in South Africa
Accounting jobs in South Africa

Accounting jobs to pursue with an accounting degree

So, you want to be an Accountant, or maybe you have finished your accounting degree now you are thinking now what, where do I go from here, what are my options, if you have those questions, well we are here to help. This article will learn more about the Accounting community and what path to take as you progress forward. Opportunities for people with accounting degrees are widely available from working in banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms, management consultancies and various other organizations. However, different accounting jobs have required additional qualifications, so it is wise to look at your options and choose an appropriate cause of action.


Almost every organization needs an auditor or requires auditing services. Among other duties, an Auditor`s primary responsibility is to assess the fairness and accuracy of an organisation’s financial statements to ensure that all information is valid and within the bounds of the law. You can work as an internal auditor of a firm, where you will be employed in-house for a particular firm. You can also work as an external auditor for an auditing firm; however, you will work with various organizations providing your auditing services. External Auditors are independent of all clients and can make impartial evaluations and assessments of a company`s operational processes. A bachelor`s degree in accounting is enough; however, a master’s degree would be more desirable. As an auditor, you must be tenacious, motivated and be a good problem solver to succeed in your career. The average salary of an auditor in South Africa is R259,509 per year which is not too shabby.

Chartered accountant

A chartered accountant also referred to as a CA, are a fully qualified accountant responsible for several tasks. They are responsible for implementing accounting systems, preparing monthly financial reports, and ensuring compliance with the state revenue service. As a chartered accountant, you will give consultations and advice to firms regarding their accounts and internal processes. Chattered accountants can be found in various organizations from practice firms, non-profit organizations and the public sector. The average salary of a chartered accountant is R490, 364 per year, which is a good payday.

Tax Consultant

A tax consultant is responsible for advising clients on tax payment processes. Tax consultants are experts in tax law, compliance and able to advise clients on how to pay their loans with the connivance and with no threat of audits. They keep up to date with new tax laws and regulations. Tax consultants must possess strong communication skills, verbal and written.  The minimum requirement to become a tax compliance officer is a degree in business, particularly accounting or finance. The tax compliance officer/consultant is responsible for coming up with solutions for potential tax problems. They are expected to keep abreast with new tax legislation and policies. Tax consultants are also responsible for training staff and management on tax laws and regulations. They should be able to advise management and clients on tax planning and compliance issues. The job requires reasonable investigation and problem-solving skills. The minimum requirement to become a tax compliance officer is a degree in business, particularly accounting or finance. Tax consultants must have strong interpersonal skills as they will be working with multiple stakeholders of an organization. They should also possess strong computer skills for analyzing data and keeping records.


A bookkeeper is responsible for organizing and updating the accounting records of an organization. Bookkeepers keep financial data in ledgers, which will be used to create financial forms. They record day to day transactions from income and outgoings. Bookkeepers are responsible for the payable and receivable accounts. They make sure all account activities are recorded accurately. They are also in charge of payroll activities and oversee all bank account activities. Bookkeepers also are responsible for conducting bank reconciliations to check account accuracy. This role requires a vast amount of experience in the field. Also, bookkeepers must be well versed in using accounting computer programs such as QuickBooks and Microsoft excel. Bookkeepers must have strong organizational skills and time management skills. They must have the ability to prioritize tasks and display a sense of accuracy in their work—Bookkeepers record transactions in accounting books for the accountant. The average salary for a bookkeeper in South Africa is R176,638 per year. Bookkeeping plays a vital role in any business. They are the ones at the beginning of the accounting cycle; wrong information or wrong data capture will make the accounting process inaccurate and invalid. Bookkeepers typically work from 9 am to 5 pm; however, they might sometimes work odd hours if they are busy with activities like auditing and meeting preparations.

Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting takes a specialized approach to account and is one of the most lucrative careers in accounting. Forensic accounting is an investigative type of accounting that involves analyzing financial records and transactions for incidents of fraud, fraud, bribery and any illegal activity. A forensic accountant earns up to R400 000 annually. Being a forensic accountant requires persistence and vigilance; the job keeps you on your toes and involves a lot of human interaction compared to the other accounting professions. Forensic accountants are typically found in law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

Cost accountant

Cost accountants oversee, and analyses cost expenditures and purchases within an organization. It is a form of management accounting. They analyze data and advice on cost-efficient ways of conducting business. Cost accountants are part of management accounting where they work to manage the operational cost of a company from inventory on hand, cost of goods sold and purchases. Cost accountants are responsible for analyzing profitability, expense and budgets. Cost accountants must be analytical thinkers with the ability to solve problems quickly.

They must pay attention to details to the most delicate details. Successful cost accountants need to have a deep interest in the cost-efficient operations of a firm.

Cost accountants should be good at report writing and making presentations to upper management. The average salary of a senior cost accountant in South Africa is R458 000 per year.





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