Auto Electrician : Unitrans


An opportunity has arisen for an Auto Electrician to diagnose electrical issues within a vehicle and interpret results. Please review the minimum requirements, duties and responsibilities below for further information about the position.


Duties And Responsibilities


• Auto Electricians use a variety of tools throughout their workday in order to diagnose and perform repairs.
• Power Tools – Auto Electricians use power tools, like electronic screwdrivers and drills, to install electrical systems within vehicles.

• Voltage or Current Meters – Auto Electricians use voltage and current meters to test the flow of electricity to the various electrical
systems contained within a vehicle. This includes headlights, GPS and sound systems.
• Stripping Tools – Where there’s electricity, there’s wiring. Auto Electricians use stripping tools to remove and replace electronic wiring.

Qualifications And Experience

• Must be a qualified Auto Electrician
• Experience of Volvo would be an advantage
• Must be prepared to work shifts/call outs
• Must be computer literate
• Must have own transport
• EC License would be advantage
• Ability to re-wire trailers.
• Knowledge and diagnostic skills with the electrical on EBS/ABS brake systems.
• Electrical knowledge on Merc, Scania, UD, Volvo.
• Good fault finding abilities

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