Best paying jobs in South Africa right now.

best paying jobs in South Africa
Best paying jobs in South Africa


Everyone wants the best paying jobs in South Africa right now. Getting an occupation that pays well can be your first step to that comfortable life. Knowing what the highest paying jobs are can help you plan for your career and motivate you to work harder to reach your goal. So, we have crunched the numbers for you and did a little research to find out what the best-paying jobs in South Africa are right now.

IT managers

IT managers have never been essential than they are now as the business world turns a digital corner. IIT managers are responsible for an organisation’s digital performance, ensuring that all IT tasks are handled well through training and recruiting the right staff. They are responsible for making all tech-related decisions and ensuring that they benefit the company as a whole. The average salary of an IT manager is pegged at R600 000 per year and is increasing the more digitally inclined we become.

Surgeons / Doctors

This comes as no shock at all; surgeons and doctors are among the most important professions in society due to the critical and delicate nature of their jobs. To become a doctor, you must be well trained and competent; hence a hefty paycheck follows the profession. There are different types of doctors, from general practitioners to specialist doctors. Specialist doctors like neurosurgeons tend to be at the top of the pack and earn much more than general practitioners. Experience is another factor that plays a part in determining the salary of doctors, with highly experienced practitioners making much more than inexperienced practitioners. The salary of a doctor ranges from 60,200 ZAR to 177,000 ZAR monthly.


Not only is it rewarding in terms of excitement, but being a pilot also is rewarding in terms of salary. Pilots fly different kinds of aircraft, from helicopters, cargo planes to passenger aeroplanes. They are meticulously trained and must be sharp, and always show a high level of concentration. Pilots are responsible for hundreds of lives during a journey; hence, they are well-trained. A pilot salary ranges from 24,100 ZAR to 70,900 ZAR per month.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountants are well-respected professionals. Their job is to implement accounting systems and processes, prepare financial reports, and ensure compliance with state laws. Chattered accountants can be found in various organisations from banks, industrial firms and retail firms. Their main aim is to make sure that the business is not losing any money but making profits. They find solutions to financial problems and make sure that a firm is walking within the right rails of the law. Chartered Accountant careers in banks and the capital market tend to earn the highest paychecks in the industry. The annual salary of a chartered accountant is pegged at R434,191 per year.


Getting to decide someone`s fate is no small responsibility; it’s a big one, and it takes a lot of courage and strength to get to do so. That’s why judges earn a lot of money. Judges oversee court trials and other legal proceedings and interpret and apply the law to determine legal outcomes. Judges make about 50,600 ZAR to 149,000 ZAR a month, which is not too bad for that amount of responsibility.


Lega matters are always present in business, and that’s where lawyers come in. lawyers are professionals who understand and can interpret the law to suit the circumstance of their clients. The more high-profile cases a lawyer takes, the more value they have; therefore, they make more money. A good lawyer can spare you jail time. Hence that’s why they earn from 41,000 ZAR to 121,000 ZAR, depending on their profile.


Actuaries play a crucial role in analyzing the risk associated with a company s business activities. They assess the cost-benefit of a situation and determine whether a business should partake in those activities. Actuaries are an essential part of company success. They deal with critical data, and their output determines the decisions to be made by a company. Actuaries must be analytical in nature and good in Mathematics. Actuaries earn an estimate of R701,283 per year, which I must say is a good payday.

Petroleum Engineers

Although the use of electricity for powering trucks and cars is growing significantly in Europe and America, the rest of the world still heavily relies on petroleum, including South Africa. Petroleum engineers are responsible for overseeing the extraction of oil from underground. Our economies in Africa heavily rely on fat; hence the importance of petroleum engineers cannot be understated. To be a petroleum engineer, you must be dedicated and committed. Petroleum engineers earn up to R500 000 per year, making them one of the most paid professionals in South Africa.


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