Companies offering Internships right now in South Africa

Companies offering Internships right now in South Africa
Companies offering Internships right now in South Africa

South African companies offering Internships right now

Internships are an essential tool you can use to further your career. Just having a suitable diploma or degree is no longer enough to get that good job you deserve. Companies are now looking at work history and experience. Even for entry-level positions, an understanding of 2 years plus is required, which can be a problem for first-time job seekers. Henceforth, internships have become an essential tool to help candidates further their careers and distinguish themselves from others. In this article, we take a look at companies hiring interns right now in South Africa.


Sanlam is a diversified financial services group headquartered in South Africa, operating across many selected global markets. They are always looking to hire people. Right now, they have various internship positions available from IT, finance to Human resources. Sanlam group is built on a respect for what people are worth and an appreciation for what they can become. They know that your worth is infinite and unique and want to inspire you to realise this worth. They are committed to achieving a diverse workplace with employment equity as a critical goal to create an inclusive workforce representative of society’s demographics and people with disabilities. So, it can be an excellent place to work; check out Internship positions open from them down below.

Check out the Sanlam internships here 


Financial services group giant Discovery has internship opportunities for ambitious candidates. Discovery’s core purpose is to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. Discovery seeks out and invests in exceptional individuals who understand and support their core purpose and whose own values align with Discovery’s. As global thought leaders, Discovery is passionate about innovating to achieve financial success and ignite positive and meaningful change within our society. Discovery was awarded Top South African employer in 2021 with excellent employee conditions.

Check out Discovery internships here


FlySafair is an Airline company in South Africa that has been involved in passenger airlines for a long time. FlySafair has been awarded many accolades since its inception, from being Trip advisor`s 2020 travellers’ choice to being awarded the Civil Aviation Industry award for excellence, amongst others.  FlySafair is hiring interns from the following fields Human Resources, Finance and Administration. Unemployed South African citizens between 18-35 (youth) are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

Check out the FlySafair internships there 

Distell Group usually offers internships

The Distell Group is South Africa and Africa’s leading producer and marketer of wines, spirits, ciders and other ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages sold worldwide. Distell employs approximately 4 400 people and has an annual turnover of R26,1 billion. Distell offers a one-year internship programme where students worldwide can gain work experience in various fields of study. The programme runs from 1 February till 31 January of every year and students wishing to apply should upload their CV here on our website. Recruitment takes place from September to December of each year, and students are welcome to visit their website during this period to view the advertisements.

Check out the Distell Group internships here 

RCL Foods is one South African company offering internships right now

RCL Foods Limited is a South African consumer goods and milling company. They produce a wide range of branded and private label food products. RCL Foods Limited is always looking for people to employ and fill various roles from finance, accounting, management, general work to manufacturing, only to name a few. RCL Foods Limited was certified as a Top Employer by the Top Employer Institute for 2020. They are one of the first companies to receive recognition for participating in the Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S.) Programme. They have a handful of internship opportunities available, so if you are fresh out of varsity or college and looking for a chance to gain real business exposure, that will get your career off­ to a flying start.

Check out the RCL Foods internships here 

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