Everything you need to know about apprenticeships


Everything you need to know about apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Choosing

Apprenticeship is a program or system taken by a person to learn a trade being instructed by a mentor while getting practical training in a job of one’s choice. It combines learning with working with wage or salary benefits. It is most recommended for personals looking to gain more experience and skill at an early stage. Those that are ready to explore the working world should go for an apprenticeship.

There are a variety of things that people should know about apprenticeships before being carried away by the idea of studying while earning. To make sure you are making the right choice, there are a lot of things to consider. This article will help you to know more about being an apprentice. To start with, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of.

Advantages of Apprenticeships

These are well-constructed programs to help a person to gain experience and skill in a chosen trade. Apprenticeships help an individual to gain a qualification on a job of choice and this helps to develop them for employment. It offers employment opportunities at a young age. Some might start earning money from a small age and support themselves for higher education if needed.

Apprenticeships help give an individual first-hand experience in the working world. One gains experience of how the working environment is like so in the long run, he or she will be confident to work with others in an organisation. The skills that one gets from apprenticeship are important in boosting confidence and comperency.

Apprentice students do not need to pay for their training or turtoring, by on the contrary they are being paid by the employer. The government pays for their tuition fees and there is no need for a student loan to gain an apprentice training. You get benefits of earning money while studying usually wages or salaries.

They are many types of apprentices to choose from so you can pursue something of your own interest without being hindered. There are apprenticeships for a variety of careers either business, construction, marketing or sports. You get everything you want since there are around 400 types of apprenticeships to choose from.

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Apprenticeships offer additional skills that you benefit from the ones you are working with. One will be working with skilled workers that can be helpful to develop one’s career. There is less of learning or studying but more if working to improve skill and experience. One can get a higher qualification like a foundation degree or honours degrees.

When you get an apprenticeship you have an advantage of learning at your own pace while doing a real job. It offers great support and aspects, with the addition of transferable skills.


When you go for apprenticeship you miss out on the opportunities thst tertisry education offers. The depth of learning that a degree offers is not aterner by an apprentice. There are rather a few more things that the person has to know before he or she may be at the same level as a graduate with a degree.

Salaries for graduates with degrees are higher than for just apprentice holders who hold a diploma. On average, the payment is differentiated according to that. It turns out that on an hourly base someone with a degree is paid more inconsiderate of whether they are doing the same job like the one with an apprentice.

The truth about most companies is that they value graduates more than undergratuste. Those that go for apprenticeship are limited in their career options. There is a need for a degree to pursue careers in medicine or science so those that take the apprenticeship route can’t work in that field without either education.

If you have only an Ordinary level and you have applied for an apprenticeship to help your career development, this is going to take more time. When you want to pursue higher education it’s going to take more years than necessary, especially without an advanced level study.

How to choose a trade

When choosing a trade there are three things to consider. One needs to take proper consideration of the best paying trades, the recommended apprenticeships and the highest-paid apprenticeships. Let’s consider all these facts starting with the best trades.
Five best-paid trades to consider

To choose a good trade to choose one that pays well during training and when you get a job. The five best paid trades are:
2. Electrical
3. Licenced practical nurse
4. Boilermaker
5. Landscape designer
Five most recommended apprenticeship choices

Before choosing an apprenticeship to follow, research on the most recommended apprenticeship from career advisors and life coaches.
The five apprenticeship choices are.
1.Construction apprenticeship
2.BAE system apprenticeship
3.Engeering apprenticeship
4. Human resource apprenticeship
5. Banking apprenticeship

Five highest-paid apprenticeships

The highest paying apprenticeships for when you get the job should be considered so that you know which trade to choose.

The five highest-paid apprenticeships are

1. Those in management and leadership training as they teach an individual on how to be a leader.
2. Engineering
3. customer service
5. health and social care training.

There are other things that one should do after considering all of these. You should go and get a clearance letter from the. You should research the available vacancies for an apprenticeship. To finalise, apply for the apprenticeship for your own choice according to your trade.

Apprenticeships have their own positives and negatives as we have discovered and the choice is left for you considering what you want the most and your career goals.


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