How much are ICT Project Managers paid in South Africa?

How much are ICT Project Managers paid in South Africa?

How much are ICT Project Managers paid in South Africa?

Software engineering is one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. It is at the top of the list thus it is important in computer software engineering. Software engineering also involves information and communication technology. The analysis and development of /Information technology and communication is part of software engineering. As a result, vast ICT personnel are in demand in South Africa. ICT project management is one of the main occupations which are sought-after in South Africa. It pays handsomely in accordance with the amount of hard work involved. To understand how much ICT project managers should be paid, let’s explore their work first.

There is a variety of information about ICT project management which we should know of. To begin with, we will see what the job is about, then what courses one should pursue in order to become an ICT project manager. Following that are the outstanding ICT project managers and how much they are paid. Last but not least, this article will provide the ranking of ICT project management in comparison to other jobs in software engineering.

What does ICT project management involve?

ICT project managers are personnel that have the required leadership qualities for information technology changes. ICT project management involves communicating with your team and directing them to get the ICT projects done on time. The team usually involves different departments, engineering, marketing, design and manufacturing. The project will be done quickly if the management plans and oversees everything until the product is released.

ICT project managers are there to see to it that the maintenance and developing of computer systems in the organisation is well taken care of. The use of computer and telecommunication systems is thus controlled by the ICT manager. The manager addresses the strategies, policies and plans on information and communication technology. The installation of ICT resources and selection is monitored and done by the project manager for success. He or she will provide a user manual for the resources and applications for training and security reasons.

They operate well with their team by coordination task and prioritising projects needs so that they work within budget and finish before the given deadline. The project managers help their teams in developing new ideas of the ICT industry while solving the available problems. The ICT project managers control almost everything in the ICT from people to funds needed for the projects. They know all about computer hardware and software with enough skills for programming.

ICT Project managers have the required skills and knowledge of computers and electronics. They make sure that all customers are satisfied with their services. Being managers in the ICT department they focus on the employment and training of ICT personals and their needs. The ICT project managers provide a marketing strategy for every product to boost sales. They work hard from office work to managing all ICT processes.

Courses to take in order to pursue a career in ICT project management

To pursue a career in ICT project management, one should have 100% skills in information and communication technology. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in this field is the main requirement to start with. With more work experience of about 5 years in the field, one will progress to be an ICT project manager. What specific courses should one take for this profession?

1. Computer and information science course

This course will be educating an individual on all computer systems from hardware to software. An individual will learn how to develop and maintain the applications on a computer. The information science department will educate you on the technology involved. They will be taught how to solve ICT problems and developing new ideas in the industry. A degree in this field will guarantee a position as an ICT project manager.

2. Project Management course

This course is to train personals in different industry so that they can have good leadership skills. The training is on how to coordinate meetings with the team to ensure success while solving problems and managing risks. For ICT project management, you will be educated on good communication skills with fellow co-workers in a different industry for a successful product. At the end of the course, one will be able to strategically plan for the projects in a business sense for budget reasons. A degree or diploma is required.

3. Computer engineering and technology course

Computer engineering is all about developing types of software to be used in the industry. It also focuses on network systems for computer software in order to provide services conveniently. The science and technology involved is for designing software and hardware products in good shape. This course will educate an individual on meeting customer satisfaction with the goods and services provided.

These are the three main courses that one should take to purse ICT project management. With a bachelor’s degrees, masters or diploma in any one of these courses you can proceed to be an ICT project manager. In addition, one should have some important aspects within them to succeed. Being in line with developments in technology is the maim aspect followed by hard work. One should be able to direct and organise projects successfully to be the best in this job. Some have become successful after years of experience in the field.

Whats is the salary of a ICT Project Managers in South Africa

How much are ICT Project managers paid in South Africa?

The salary per month of an ICT project manager varies with years of experience in the field. It occasionally increases with the number of salaries one received while working in that one organisation. Although unfair, the salaries differ with gender as well, because on average men are paid more than women in this industry.

An early ICT project manager who has a maximum of 4 years on the job get a salary of 250, 000rands per month. This is increased to an average 327, 845rands countrywide after receiving a maximum of 203 salaries.

A medium ICT project manager who has a maximum of 9 years of experience on the job will be receiving a monthly salary R320,000 after 4years. This salary is increased to an average of R495,932 after an estimate of 139 salaries starting from the fifth salary.

A senior ICT project manager is one with more than 10years of experience on the job. He or she will receive a monthly salary of more than R500,000 on average. It has increased compensation which differs with a company.

The amount paid to an ICT project manager at each level of experience varies with the organisation. Some pay heavily at each level the lowest pay being R300,000 and highest standard of monthly salary is R800,000. Working for a more recognised company which is successful and in need of ICT, management means a higher salary due to more work.

What is the ranking of ICT project managing in comparison to other software engineering job?

As mentioned earlier, Software engineering jobs are vast in South Africa and worldwide. These jobs are ICT project manager, Data management manager, Application development manager, Information system director, ICT system analyst, software developer, ICT risk specialist, Programmer Analyst, Developer programmer and Applications programmer.

All these jobs are high paying and good career choices. An ICT Project manager is ranked the second-best job in Software engineering. The first being the software developer job. Although it is not the first it is a high paying job that has a good rating.

They are many prominent ICT Project managers in South Africa who have successfully conquered the ICT world. They enjoy they work with great dedication. Working many hours to solve a problem in either communication or information technology is their way of life on a regular basis. These are the most intelligent people who are able to manage and organise their work. As a result, there are in high demand in South Africa even with the Coronavirus outbreak. They are highly paid for their hard work and intelligence always.

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