How to apply for an NSFAS Refund

Nsfas refund form
Nsfas refund form

How to apply for an NSFAS Refund

Registration for 2022 tertiary education in many public Universities and TVET colleges is now open, and this is your chance to also apply for NSFAS funding. While your application for NSFAS is being processed, you need to send in your application to a college or university of your choice. You may have to pay the registration fee and other related fees on your way before your application for NSFAS funding is processed. Although it’s necessary, a question arises, ” How do I apply for an NSFAS refund after being accepted for financial aid?” Do not be alarmed; you can get refunded by NSFAS once your application has been sent. Read through the outlined method of applying.


Requirements when applying for an NSFAS refund

To apply for an NSFAS refund, one has to be a citizen of South Africa. Secondly, you have to be accepted by NSFAS early in the first semester. You need to have a validated bank account that will be used to refund your money. It is also necessary to combine these documents with your ID  copy and proof of payment which will be used to account for the money that needs to be paid back. Whatever method you use to apply, make sure these documents are all up to date.

Application by use of a form

Almost all Universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in South Africa have application forms for NSFAS refund. They have to be completed by students when applying for reimbursement after being accepted for NSFAS funding.

On this form, personal details needed include full names, titles and surnames, and contact details include cell number, office number and email address. You also have to provide postal addresses for the money. Write down the refund amount and method of refund you prefer. Lastly, the form has to be signed by the student and the date indicated for reference on how long it takes to be refunded. The state has to be stamped at the bank for authenticity.

Application by use of a letter

To apply for an NSFAS refund, you can also use a letter that will then be posted to the NSFAS offices. Although a letter is a comprehensive way of applying for a refund, it can be helpful when a form is not accessible.

As with all formal letters, it is necessary to have two addresses. In the letter, make sure to write your details, contact details and amount requests. It is also required to accompany the letter with proof of college acceptance or any other document to show which school you attend. This can be sent directly to the NSFAS offices or indirectly from the college or university.

Application using the NSFAS website

An easy way to apply for an NSFAS refund when you have access to the Internet is through the NSFAS website. Email your application form to This form is similar to one provided at universities and TVET colleges, and you fill out all the necessary details: personal details, contact details, and postal addresses.


Once the NSFAS has received your form, letter or email, it will only take 15 to 21days for the money to be refunded. With all your documents in place, your refund application will be processed quickly and sent to your account, so do not worry about paying the registration fee beforehand. There is no need to apply for a refund; it can all be accessed during student funding.


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