How to apply for NSFAS at Stellenbosch University

How to apply for NSFAS at Stellenbosch University
How to apply for NSFAS at Stellenbosch University

How to apply for NSFAS at Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is a well recognized tertiary institution, and as such many poor and working-class families cannot afford it. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme widely supports students at all public universities, including Stellenbosch; thus, you can apply for financial help. Below are the processes involved in the application for NSFAS at Stellenbosch. Read through it and apply for financial aid for your studies.

Requirements when applying for NSFAS at Stellenbosch University

To begin with, you need to know the requirements for your application. To apply for this financial help at Stellenbosch, you have to be a South African citizen, and your previous academic year results have to be a pass in all modules. Financial credibility is also an essential requirement. Since it funds for poor to working-class families, they require a current payslip of your guardian. Some additional requirements include possession of a cell phone, email address and bank account for other allowances.

How to apply for NSFAS

Stellenbosch University applications for NSFAS funding are made online or offline. The application forms are provided at the school for offline application, and computers and Internet access are provided for online application.

Online application

This is the most valuable and acceptable application method when there is an Internet connection. It is quicker to submit your application at NSFAS since it is directly sent to their offices. Using the link provided by the university, you can visit the NSFAS application website. You can log in and click the ‘register’ box to start your application. An application form will be shown, and it needs to be completed correctly by a student. You will create your myNSFAS account and password to use. All other academic documents and identification documents need to be uploaded as PDF before submitting your application form.


Offline application

When there is no Internet connection, the offline application method is used. The application form is printed out by the university and stored, ready to be completed by a student. When you want to apply for NSFAS funding, the application form is given to you. You then complete the form correctly, with your Identification number visible on each application form page. To add weight to your NSFAS application form, you submit it with your certified academic documents and identification documents.


Almost all courses at Stellenbosch University are funded. Thus students doing different courses can be accepted for NSFAS funding, and it takes a correctly completed application form to get NSFAS funding. For accommodation allowance, NSFAS pays for students at accredited accommodation systems.


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