How to apply for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town (UCT)

How to apply for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town
How to apply for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town

How to apply for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town (UCT)

Are you a student at the University of Cape Town and struggling to pay for your tuition fees? Do not be discouraged; it’s not over yet. You can still finish what you started, and NSFAS can still fund you. Yes, you can apply for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town. This article is for you to know how to apply for NSFAS at UCT.

Requirements when applying for NSFAS at The University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town and the NSFAS check for financial eligibility before accepting any application for NSFAS funding. To check for financial eligibility, there are a few requirements that they take note. They use the National Means Test, which tests your need for financial help regarding family income and other disabilities.
To apply for NSFAS at UCT, you have to be a South African citizen by birth. Your course has to be your first undergraduate qualification, and your previous academic results have to be commendable. You are required to not be under administration order when applying.

How to apply for NSFAS

The University of Cape Town has bursary arrangements for its students; NSFAS is one of its primary financial aid schemes. UCT will receive an application of financial assistance information from NSFAS each year which will be used to check student eligibility when applying for NSFAS funding. The two ways these students use to apply are either manual or online, and both involve completing an application form with all necessary details.

Manual application

Manual application is usually made at the institution. The administration of the school will first access the students before giving them the NSFAS application form. This is done to reduce fraud and make sure all requirements are met. On the application form, a student will complete it and write reasons for applying. Academic documents and identification documents are attached with the application form and then sent to the NSFAS. Before submitting it to the NSFAS offices, the UCT will double-check the information on the form.

Online application

For this application, you can use the University of Cape Town website and platform. Once on the page, you search for NSFAS funding applications for 2022-2023. You will be directed to a link that is useful for the NSFAS application. There is a form there which you will need to complete and submit with all other documents uploaded.

Checking for NSFAS application status

To check for NSFAS application status, visit the NSFAS status website at Using the myNSFAS account created on the application, you can then login and enter the user ID number and password. You can then click the ‘Track Application Progress’ box, and your status will be revealed immediately.


For those registering at The University of Cape Town, you can also apply for NSFAS. You can do this online. National Student Financial Aid Scheme funds are for the registration fee, the tuition fee in accordance with the course and provide other allowances. It is recommended to apply for this funding; this could be your once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil your dreams.


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