How to apply for NSFAS at the University of Pretoria

How to apply for NSFAS at the University of Pretoria
How to apply for NSFAS at the University of Pretoria

How to apply for NSFAS at the University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria has countable funding schemes or bursaries for its students mainly based on merit. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, is one of them, with the main purpose of catering for the less fortunate students at the University. You may be struggling to pay for your studies and other needs for your tertiary education; the solution lies in your application for NSFAS funding. For more information on how to apply, read through this article.

Requirements when applying for NSFAS at the University of Pretoria

To avoid disappointment, you need to know the requirements for each student at the University of Pretoria for the NSFAS application. You need to provide proof of admission at the University or an acceptance letter for those who just registered. Citizenship by birth is essential; you have to be a citizen of South Africa.

How to apply for NSFAS

For any application for NSFAS, the essential information to be provided include personal details, contact details and next of kin personal details. To add to that, your academic documents and identification documents need to be provided, and this information is filled onto the application form either online or offline.

Online application

If you are a student at the University of Pretoria, an online application is the best. With the availability of Internet access, you can easily visit the NSFAS application website. You can also get help from the administration at the University; with just a link, you can access the application form and complete it. On the NSFAS website, you can then create your myNSFAS account. Once the application form is completed, the next step is to submit it using the submit option on the platform. At last, note your reference number and upload your academic documents.

Offline application

There are two ways to acquire the application form for offline application. The first one is through the NSFAS website, where you download the PDF and then print it out for manual completion of the form. The second way is through the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the University. They have an NSFAS application form all the time for all types of students looking for financial help. You fill out the form with all the required details and then submit it through the FIO at the University of Pretoria.



If you are successful in the application, you must sign a contract with the NSFAS for the funding. Please read carefully through the contract and understand before signing, but in the end, it helps you to stay focused. In conclusion, once NSFAS funds you, you have an additional allowance for transport, accommodation and study items.


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