How to apply for NSFAS at UNISA

How to apply for NSFAS at UNISA
How to apply for NSFAS at UNISA

How to apply for NSFAS at UNISA

Have you been wondering if NSFAS funds for students at UNISA? Well, the answer is, “Yes, it does.” Although the University of South Africa is a traditional university with different teaching methods from other tertiary institutions, potential students are eligible for funding by NSFAS. This article will outline the plans to help you apply for NSFAS at UNISA.

Requirements when applying for NSFAS at UNISA

The first requirement is your Identification documents which show that you are a citizen of South Africa. Secondly, proof of acceptance at UNISA is required if you are a first-semester student, but previous results are needed for returning students. It is mandatory to have a cell phone number or email address and indicate it on the application form. It would help if you also were holding a valid bank account for other allowances to be supplied. Be informed, with all the requirements; you will indeed be funded.

How to apply for NSFAS at UNISA

Applications for NSFAS at UNISA are made in two main ways, either manually or electronically. Both of them are readily available at UNISA, and prospective students can apply.

Manual application

How do you apply manually? The first step is to communicate with the administrators at the University of South Africa. They will provide you with the NSFAS application form. Complete the form by writing your details, contact details and academic qualifications. It is essential to indicate your main reasons for applying; this may include disability, family income and illnesses. To add to that, at every right corner of the form, write your identity number. Accompany your application with all supporting documents needed. Please submit your application form to the administration office at UNISA; they will send it to NSFAS. You can also send directly to NSFAS offices.

Electronic application

This is a straightforward application method when you have Internet access. If you are already registered at UNISA, it is recommended to use the UNISA platform. This will indicate that you are already a student at the University. Using the platform, you can visit the NSFAS website at can then create a myNSFAS account and fill out your details as requested. Click on ‘register’ and proceed with your application making sure to upload both identification and academic documents. Write your full name and surname as per your ID card. Along with the application form, add your email address and create a password and confirm it for your account. Lastly, click register and wait for a One Time Pin, which you will use to submit your application.

Checking application status for NSFAS

It takes a considerable amount of weeks to process all applications for NSFAS. Instead of being impatient taking drastic measures, there is a way to check whether you have been accepted or not. Yes, you can narrow your application status anytime at the NSFAS status website. Visit and log in to the myNSFAS account which you created on the application. On the platform, you will have to enter your user ID and password. Lastly, you click on “Track Funding Progress .” Your application status for 2022 will be available.


NSFAS funds specific courses at UNISA; thus, only students doing such courses can apply for them. It is recommended to wait for your application to be approved while continuing your usual payment arrangements and study. The NSFAS will refund your money once you have been accepted. Note this,” Applications for NSFAS at UNISA can be made by those registering and those already registered at UNISA as well.”



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