How to apply for NSFAS at Wits University

How to apply for NSFAS at Wits University
How to apply for NSFAS at Wits University

How to apply for NSFAS at Wits University

Witwatersrand University is one of the most influential universities in South Africa and is internationally acknowledged. Many students would like to study at this University for standardized tertiary education. Although it is expensive on registration and tuition fees, it’s worth every penny, and there is a silver lining. NSFAS can fund you as a student at Wits University. As you read through this article, you will know how to apply for NSFAS at Wits University.

Requirements when applying for NSFAS at Wits University

National Student, Financial Aid Scheme, has a variety of requirements on registration. For a student at Wits University, the essential requirement is an Identification card to show nationality. As an internationally recognized University, there are many international students; thus, an ID card will be helpful to establish citizenship. Only South African students can apply for NSFAS at Wits University.

Furthermore, it has to be your first time registering for an undergraduate course, and it does not fund postgraduate courses unless there is a need. Not only is it necessary to have a pass for matric, but an excellent recommendation from the school is required. For students already registered at Wits, a pass in the previous semester is a necessity.

How to apply for NSFAS at Wits University

At Witwatersrand University, there are two ways to apply for NSFAS funding. You can apply manually or online. For both methods, the main details required are personal, contact details and academic details. Below is an outline of the application methods.

Manual application

As it suggests, it’s a traditional application form. The application form is available at the institution and only accessible to South African citizens. A student completes this form with a signature indicated at the end of the registration. To add to the application form, you can write an application letter to NSFAS and attach it.

Online application

For online application, the administration office at Wits University will assist you. Using their computer system and Wits University platform, you can apply directly to NSFAS. Visit the NSFAS application website at Applicants can quickly get the application form and fill it electronically. Applicants can upload on the website and on the myNSFAS account you created.


All students applying for NSFAS funding have to read through the contract details and sign for it carefully. The bursary agreement form is kept safely at the school and also at NSFAS offices for reference. Online applications are more acceptable for NSFAS 2022-2023 funding. To check for your NSFAS application status, you can visit the NSFAS status website at


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