How to Apply For NSFAS Loan in South Africa 2023

How to Apply For NSFAS Loan in South Africa 2023
How to Apply For NSFAS Loan in South Africa 2023

How to Apply For NSFAS Loan in South Africa 2023

Interested in applying for a NSFAS loan? This article provides information on the NSFAS mission, eligibility criteria, Bursary scheme, and the application form. To get started, download the Application form and submit it with your required documents. Read the information provided carefully to ensure your success. We wish you all the best! And share this page to others! So, get ready to apply for a NSFAS loan in South Africa 2023!

NSFAS mission statement

The NSFAS mission statement for South Africa 2023 should include a new focus on the use of technology to increase its ability to collect debts and ensure that no borrower escapes the net. It should also seek to raise its profile among the public. A public profile is essential for both debtors and the private sector, as they contribute to the human resource development of South Africa. This is what we all want.

The mission of the NSFAS is to provide financial assistance to eligible students from poor and working class backgrounds. The mission statement outlines a variety of strategies aimed at improving the organization’s performance. Redesigning its structure, inculcating a culture of performance management, and improving student funding criteria are some of the strategies it has in mind. Further, the NSFAS will improve its systems and collaboration with stakeholders.

Eligibility criteria

The Minister of Higher Education and Science and Technology (Dr. Blade Nzimande) has announced that R80 billion will be allocated to the NSFAS program in 2019. The program offers financial assistance to South African citizens who meet the means test. A South African citizen’s total family income must not exceed R350,000 per annum. There are certain postgraduate credentials that are eligible for NSFAS funding.

The NSFAS loan is an opportunity to finance your education by attending a local or foreign institution. The NSFAS loan is subsidized and is specifically designed for students from low-income families. The loans are fully-paid for tuition, books, supplies, and living and transportation allowances for students who are living with their parents. Students can convert up to 40% of the loan value into bursaries.

Bursary scheme

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a government programme to support academically deserving and financially needy students with their higher education. This scheme allows eligible students to borrow small amounts of money at low-interest rates. Up to 40% of the loan value can be converted into a bursary. In addition to providing educational funding, the scheme provides a loan account with low-interest rates.

The NSFAS loan scheme was only available up until 2017. Once a student finished their studies, they had to repay the money, plus interest, and start working and earning at least R30 000 per month. The rationale behind the rules was to replenish the fund for new students. These rules are still in place for sponsored studies up to 2017. However, the government of South Africa has pledged to provide free education for working-class and underprivileged students.

NSFAS Application form

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a government initiative that provides education funding to disadvantaged students. It supports South African citizens and permanent residents by identifying and awarding bursaries for eligible learners. The scheme also collects past student loans and supports new applicants who don’t have the financial means to pay their tuition fees. There are various eligibility criteria for this program. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common ones.

For eligibility, applicants should submit a legitimate copy of their birth certificate or South African ID. A certified or unabridged birth certificate is required. In addition, students need to supply the names and signatures of all income sources. They should also submit a disability annexure A form. The application form must be filled in completely and submitted in black ink. It is recommended to submit it online or through the NSFAS website.

Want to apply for an NSFAS loan 2023 online?

Simply follow these easy steps: You can apply online via
If using a cellphone, tablet or computer, follow these simple steps to apply:

Step 1: Go to and click on the ‘myNSFAS’ tab
Step 2: Create a myNSFAS account
Step 3: Click on the ‘APPLY’ tab and complete the sections on the screen
Step 4: Upload required supporting documents where applicable
Step 5: Click on ‘Submit


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