How to dress for a job interview


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I know what you are thinking, I will just wear my best suit or best dress, I am sure that will be good enough for my interview. Well, you are wrong, there is an art in picking the right outfit for your interview. It involves careful planning and consideration. You know its important to make a good first impression at your job interview and before you open your mouth to answer the questions the recruiter is giving you; your clothes first do the talking for you. Today we take your fashion school, work fashion at least and teach you how to dress for that interview you will be having soon.

Do your research

The company culture of a company is an important aspect, in determining what to wear for an interview. You cannot wear jeans to a company that has a dressing up culture, or wear a business suit to a firm that wears causal clothes always. Make sure you do thorough research on the company you are interviewing for and dress accordingly. Remember not to overdo it, no matter what the company culture is, you are still going to an interview and you need to be smartly dressed.

For men

It is easier for men s clothing as it is almost always a suit unless otherwise. Make sure you get yourself a dark coloured business suit that is free of creases and stains. Wear a dress shirt that is white or at least colour coordinating with your suit. A leather dark belt is needed, do not wear light coloured belts by all means. Wear a matching neck tie and nice dress shoes with dark socks. Make sure your shoes are dark and do not stand out. Make sure you a carry a briefcase with al the paperwork you need or a laptop bag or file to carry all the stuff you will need for the interview.

For women

Women’s attire is much more complicated than men’s wear. Women have more varied and a wider range of outfits to wear making it difficult to pick the right outfit for your interview. Generally, a suit in grey and dark will do the trick. Dresses are okay too.

depending on what they look like. Pay attention to the neckline and make sure that the dress length reaches up to your knees. Avoid wearing too much make sure just put on a little that flatters you makes you more confident. Do not wear dangling earring or bracelets they are a distraction to the interviewer. Rock a professional hairstyle that is neat and well-polished, avoid over styling. Also, rock neatly manicured nails that are not too long. Avoid all those long bright coloured nails and go for a conservative look.

The clothes you were to an interview should make you feel confident and comfortable. Do not try new things or choose something flashy or too posh. Dressing nicely will show the recruiters that you care enough for the job to take your time and dress well to impress.


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