How To Nail Your Next Remote Interview

remote interview tips
remote interview tips

How To Nail Your Next Remote Interview

It seems like covid-19 is going to be here for a little longer than we expected. Although things are seemingly getting better due to breakthroughs in vaccines, masks and social distancing, we still must be cautious about how we interact. With this in mind, many companies have changed how they operate from embracing remote work to implementing new work policies. This is also true for the hiring process; the shift in position has significantly transformed the hiring process. Recruiters are now implementing virtual interviews through the use of tools like Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype. The questions asked in the virtual interview might not be different from those asked in-person; however, the environment is quite different, and it might be pretty overwhelming for some. In this article, we look at various tips that will help you ace your following remote interview.

 Make sure all your equipment is working before the interview.


This goes without saying; you should make sure that all your interview equipment is working well. Test your equipment numerous times before the interview. Ensure your internet connection is solid and have a backup internet source if the first one fails. You should also make sure that your batteries are fully charged. You will be using software like zoom, skype and WhatsApp for your interview, get familiar with them beforehand, test them out with friends and make sure you know how to use them. You rarely get second chances in interviews, infect you never get second chances, so do not let a technical difficulty stop you from getting that job you have always wanted.

Choose an appropriate location and position for your interview

Your background must be professional and clean before you start your interview. Choose a proper setting for your interview that has little or no interferences. You should make sure your interview space is well lit and has good acoustics. A poorly lit place with horrible sounds and echoes will make it challenging to communicate with the interviewer.

Dress Appropriately

Ok, you might think just because your interview is virtual, you get to wear anything you want, maybe a verse and some shorts; well, you are wrong. One of the things that the interviewer will be looking for is professionalism. So, get into character, dress appropriately for the role, and show them how you are the right person for the job.

Speak clearly

Virtual interviews can be challenging in terms of sound and how audible you are. Different machines have different microphones and speakers, so you might need to speak loudly and clearly to communicate effectively with your interviewer.

Body language is critical.

Professionally present yourself, sit up straight and look straight at the camera to communicate well with the interviewer. Portray a warm and confident persona that looks focused and full of concentration.

Practice makes perfect

Like an in-person interview, a virtual interview is still an average interview which warrants thorough preparation and practice. Practice every day, and you will get better each day. Look for the possible questions, study them and practise your responses, maybe record yourself and review your videos to check for more pointers.




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