How to write a good cover letter


How to write a good cover letter

A cover letter is an important tool for standing out in your job application. People deem a cover letter not as important as your resume. A cover letter is an opportunity to express yourself. It is a chance to market yourself to your recruiter and show your glowing personality. Your resume only shows brief information about yourself, however, a cover letter helps you to expand on that and show you are the best candidate for the job. Today we look at the best practices of writing your cover letter and how you can make the perfect cover letter that will make you stand out.

Make it unique

the key to getting a job is standing out. Make sure your cover letter is customized to you, and it stands out. Some people have a 1 fit all cover letter. That is not good enough to stand out. Make sure that you customize your cover letter, to the job you are applying for. When you use a cover letter template, make sure you customize it enough to fit you and stand out. There is a good chance that other people are using that template and the risk of all of you having identical cover letters is high, therefore, customize your cover letter and make it unique.

Keep it clean

Your cover letter must be clean and clearly legible. Use appropriate font and line space on your cover letter. Make sure you just do not write big chunks or blocks of the paragraph but make sure your paragraphs are short and neat.


Everyone makes mistakes and you are no exception. These mistakes might be spelling errors, grammar errors and may be missing texts or repeating the same sentence. Make sure that you proofread your cover letter not once but twice. I find it the best way to make sure that your cover letter has no errors is to get it proofread by someone else.

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Use the appropriate etiquette

When writing a cover letter, make sure you use the correct language. When done sign off correctly by using the correct words, like yours sincerely or kind regards to showing that you are professional.

Keep it short

Keeping your cover letter short and effective is the best practice. Do not write pages and pages of your cover letter it is boring to read and the recruiter will lose interest in the letter. Your cover letter must be specific and have the necessary information that will increase your chances of getting the job. To be safe make sure your cover letter is limited to one page only nothing beyond that.

To conclude, cover letters are just as important as resumes. They can be your winning card in getting that dream job of yours. Customize your cover letter, keep it clean and make it legible and you will stand a chance of actually standing out from other applicants and kick start your career.



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