How to write a unique CV that stands out

writing a unique CV

Writing a unique cv

One of the best ways to be good at job hunting is to craft a unique resume, you’re your resume stand out from the rest. Everybody values craftsmanship on any level, cv writing is a craft on its own. Think about it will your generic cv stand out from hundreds of applicants when you submit it. There are many articles that have written about this issue and provided you with different steps on how to write a unique cv, however in this article we take a look at the effective but yet simple ways you can write an outstanding cv.

Avoid using brief statements and lists always

Listing is a common way in which people add information in their cv. People generally use lists when adding their skills, hobbies and qualifications maybe they will make use of ticks or bullet points to make their lists presentable. Listing brief statements has been overdone up to a point that your cv becomes boring and generic. Add some flesh on your points, make them more appealing. Sometimes a broader narrative of your skills will make you stand out rather than just listing them. Consider paragraphs when you are a quality writer with much to say about yourself.

Quantity is not always quality

With many job vacancies attracting hundreds of applications, recruiters aren’t too keen on reading lengthy material. Your cv must be short and straight to the point when you want to add more information make sure your content is straight to the point and does not stray from its point.

One resume does not rule all

Most people have one cv that they just edit, change a couple of things and then use it to apply for the job they want. They re-use that cv over and over only changing a few things. This makes your cv boring and just generic. To stand out from the rest makes a resume that is tailor-made for the job that you are applying for. Research what the
the company represents and try to match that on your cv rather than just copying and pasting stuff from your old cv.

Add a personal touch

Everybody loves a personal touch. Design your cv in a unique way that shows who you are as a person and employee. Some people add images on their resumes making them stand out from the rest.

Include a cover letter

Some firms value cover letters more than others depending on which firm you have applied to, but it’s still an important tool for you to use that can help you get noticed and stand out. A cover letter tells your story and helps you elaborate on your skills in detail.

Make your cv easy to read

Make your cv as legible as possible. Use an appropriate font style and size on your cv. Arrange your cv in sections that are well structured and easy to read for the recruiter.
If you think about how many people are in the job market, you might be shocked. Standing out is the only way you can get noticed in the modern job market so add a personal touch to your resume and make sure it’s legible and your chances for getting that job you want increases. Good luck on your job hunt!


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