Job searching the smart way

Job searching
Job searching

Job searching the intelligent way

Job searching can be overwhelming; you send your CVs and hope for the best. At times you feel as if you are at the mercy of the recruiter; you feel powerless and not in control; well, it’s time you take control of your future. Of course, you may face some challenges when looking for a job, and however, there are several ways to optimize the job searching process and find some success. In this article, we look at the various tips that will enhance your chances of getting a new job.

Contact the recruiter

The thing about applying for a job is that you are not doing it alone; chances are there are probably hundreds of people looking to apply for the same position as you are. So, you need to distinguish yourself from others and gain the upper hand. One of the things you can do to differentiate yourself from the others is to pick up the phone and call the recruiter if there is a phone number on the job description. In a sea of applications, there is no guarantee of you getting picked no matter how good your CV is, so you need to go the extra mile and make yourself known. Most people ignore those numbers, and almost no one calls them, so you differentiate yourself from the herd by calling them.

You can call the recruiter and ask about the job requirements and what kind of person they are looking for. You can tell them how you meet the skills required and learn how you can be a better fit for the job. Also, in doing so, you are building a relationship with the user, and they can tell you to send your CV directly to them, giving yourself a mini screening process and a better chance of succeeding rather than just sending your CV into the abyss among hundred other applicants.

Keep your CV updated and tailored to the position.

Different companies require different qualifications and skills even for the same job. Therefore, it is wise to customize your CV to match the desired skills and requirements when applying for a position. Most Applications done online are made using recruiting technology systems that scan your CV for keywords that match the job description; therefore, updating your CV and tailoring it to the job description will help your CV recognized by the system and increase your percentage match, putting you in a better position to get the job.

Apply for the right jobs

This can seem simple enough, but most people do not take it seriously. Many people often choose positions that do not best match their skills; they get a fewer replies to ratios to their applications. So, when applying for jobs, carefully consider if the job fits your skillset and qualifications, and not just apply through the roll of the dice method of whatever goes, be strategic about it.

Bottom Line

Searching for a job is demanding; however, you have to go the extra mile to get the job. Keep applying and doing the right things, and one day you will get the job you have always dreamt of.



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