Procurement Officer


Free State

Job Summary

Procurement Officer wanted at the University of the Free State.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Relationship Management:
– Provides leadership and mentorship to all colleagues.
– Maintains good professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

• Operations Management:
– Ordering of ICT equipment for the University community.
– Liaising with Service Providers to ensure best quality at best prices for goods and services.
– Challenges the status quo and ensures that all the decisions are for the good of the University.
– Processing of UFS documentation for digitisation and/or of site storage.
– Processing of invoices and ensuring timely supplier payments.
– Ensuring UFS policies are adhered to.
– Following up on outstanding tasks from internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely deliveries.
– Plans and provides guidance in terms of forecasting.
– Monitors and reports on supplier performance.
– Research technology to ensure that correct technologies are procured.
– Manages and lead individuals and the Division to achieve objectives and goals.
– Stays current with technologies and advising thereof.
– Checking that all Vendor contracts are fully compliant and adhered to.
– Receives and dispatches ICT Services’ goods.
– Keeps record of asset and inventory lists on a monthly basis.
– Responsible for arranging repairs on loan equipment when necessary.
– Collaborates with the Asset Management Department in updating them with newly received assets and assets to be disposed via tender process.
– Assists technicians with installations.
– Delivers and collects goods.
– Receive and complete requests relating to the ICT Services centralised stationary store.
– Orders office supplies from central store via e-Procurement.
– Responsible for the inspection of ICT vehicles.
– Responsible for office administration.

• Quality Control and Monitoring:
– Monitors supplier performance and addresses possible issues.
– Performs daily monitoring activities such as following up on unfinished tasks.
– Provides reports on stagnating Procurement tasks and orders and escalates where required.

• Change Management:
– Make sure of the involvement of stakeholders with any change processes.

• Contracts and Licensing Management:
– Administration of ICT Services contracts and agreements.
– Checking contracts and agreement content in collaboration with University attorneys to ensure UFS compliancy.

Qualifications and Experience

Inherent requirements:

• Grade 12 or National Vocational Certificate on NQF level 4.

Required competencies:

• Results Orientated:
– The ability to stick with tasks, not give up, and overcome obstacles in completing one’s task.
– The ability to deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations.

• Strategic Thinking:
– The ability to deal with several activities at a time.
– The ability to carefully analyse information and use logic to address issues and problems at work.

• Business Acumen:
– The ability to adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
– Proficient in using MS Office.

• Leading:
– The ability to maintain high levels of personal motivation, energy and enthusiasm.
– The ability to be cooperative with others, display a good-natured attitude, and encourage people to work together.

• Building Coalitions:
– The ability to be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.
– The ability to interact with others and establish personal connections with people.


• Knowledge and an understanding of Procurement theories and best practices.
• Knowledge and an understanding of University policies and processes.
• Knowledge of PeopleSoft Financials and Service Management Systems.
• Knowledge of the IT Service and Asset Lifecycle management.
• Knowledge of and an understanding of IT services theories and best practices.

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