The Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa


The Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa


The Highest Paying Jobs in SA
From an early age a child chooses a career he or she wants to pursue but at this age, a few consider how rewarding the job is. As one grows older he or she starts to realise the need for a high to highest paying job after having done a college course. Everyone has needs and family to take care of so choosing a course and career has to be done carefully considering all the odds. In South Africa, there are a variety of highest paying jobs categorised from high, higher to highest. These jobs are rewarding and as a result, many want to pursue such jobs.

The highest-paying jobs are usually the hardest and most time-consuming jobs which require determination. One has to be ready for that when he or she chooses a career or course that allows a job that pays heavily. Nevertheless, getting a high paying job helps one to survive in international countries like South Africa. In this article, we will discuss ten of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. Knowing about this will help children to choose their career goals wisely.

Ten Highest paying jobs in SA
Highest paying jobs depend a lot on the skills and work involved. The skills and knowledge are developed during tertiary and secondary education. When one goes for a college course, that course is the one that determines how much he or she will be paid when she gets employed. After college individuals in South Africa start applying for jobs to various organisations hoping to get the highest paying job. These jobs are easy to find when you have all the qualification.

Ten highest paying jobs in SA that people should consider going after are:

1. Software Engineer – gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R3million

2. Actuary – gets a potential salary ranging from R1million – R2million

3. University Professor – gets a potential salary ranging from R1million – R2million

4. IT Manager – gets a potential salary ranging from R1million – R3million

5. Air Traffic Controller – gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R3.5 million

6. Petroleum Engineer – gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R5million

7. Pilot – gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R5million

8. Lawyer – gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R5million

9.Specialised Medical Doctors – gets a potential salary ranging from R3million – R5million

10. Chartered Accountant -gets a potential salary ranging from R2million – R3.5million.

Why The Jobs are Highly paid

These ten highest paying jobs are as a result of how they benefit the country and its people. Thus on this section lets explore each job and see how it benefits South Africa and its people.

1. Software Engineer
This job involves designing, developing and maintaining software programs, especially for a computer. This is based on their knowledge in computer Mathematics, science and engineering. A degree in computer science is the way to go but more befitting fir specialisation is a degree in intensive coding. This helps to keep the advancements in technology viable in South Africa.

2. Actuary
This is a profession where one should calculate the uncertainty of events in business. They calculate the uncertainty of insurance premiums or pension contributions to reduce the risk of financial trouble. They do a thorough investigation of assets and liabilities in a business helping in its management.

3. University Professor
A University professor has a lot of work to do in educating college students. It involves researching, teaching and representing the university at external boards or panels. This involves dealing with children and it becomes harder. To start with, one will be a secondary teacher and with more progress gaining both s degree and masters will make an individual a professor immediately. It pays well in almost every country.

4. IT Manager
Information technology managers are there to build an efficient technological system. They do the operation in the system, implementation of strategies and technological solutions. These are useful in many companies in South Africa to help study information on some systems.

5. Air Traffic Controller
Air traffic controllers monitor the movement if aeroplanes ensuring that they are flying in good distances away from any obstacles. They also help in weather forecast so that they can inform pilots of when to fly. It involves a lot of calculations and focusing thus a really important job. It helps reduce the number of air accidents.

6. Petroleum Engineer
Thus job involves the extraction of oil reserves and natural gases. The professionals will develop a technology in the extraction of oil and it requires one to be good in mathematics and science. On some basis, it involves a lot of travelling for research purposes. Petroleum engineer is paid heavily for bringing in good money in oil industries.

7. Pilot
Pilots are very hardworking personals that are dedicated to their job which requires a lot of focusing because one mistake could cause an accident. Pilots are into technical flying of the plane from one place to another and this requires specialised training skills. Being trained to be a pilot is expensive thus it rewards greatly too.

8. Lawyer
Law professionals are highly paid in South Africa because of their skill and knowledge. They are organisational lawyers and personal lawyers which are always there to defend on of their own professionally. Winning a case makes one more successful and increases its annual earnings. Lawyers sometimes help for justice to be served in a country full of crimes.

9. Specialised Medical Doctors
Specialised medical doctors like neurosurgeons are highly paid in South Africa because of the determination and skills involved in carrying out surgery successfully. Once one has specialised in surgery operation the more he or she will be paid. They perform dangerous operations to save one’s life and this is very important.

10. Chartered Accountant
A chartered accountant manages accounts of an organisation recording its business transactions for keeps. All financial statements are issued by this accountant. This jobs helps to keep the company finance stable avoiding bankruptcy.



Whether you are considering what to choose after your college course or to improve your career development, these 10 highest paying jobs in SA are something to think of. When one decides to move to SA for greener pastures he or she should consider the highest paying jobs and try to improve him or herself to attaining it. Training for these jobs will help you earn more and enough money to take care of yourself. Even though choosing a career just because it pays more money isn’t always the right choice but choosing one that you are good at and passionate about will help you be content.


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