The Interview: Keys to make a good self impression

Handshake in an office

Research has discovered that 70% of the rejected candidates do not make it not because of their lack of qualifications but their inability to make a good impression during the interview. You can be the best-qualified person for the job but the way you carry yourself on the day of the interview may put all your luck in the gutters. Want to know why this happens? Read on…

You have less than ten seconds to make or break your first impression. This means that you can get a job before you even speak a word.

This does not mean that only your impression can get you a job. It means that they play a pivotal role in the chances of you being hired or fired. Let us talk about on the day of the interview.

In the reception area.

Avoid entering with arms full of clutter. Have you ever seen that kind of a person who seems to carry everything, the jacket, hat, umbrella briefcase etc. do not do that? It gives an impression of clumsiness. Besides, it also divides your focus on the task at hand as you will worry about the safety of all your belongings. Instead, carry only the essentials, those things you feel may be required. That can be your portfolio or a small case with your important documents.

Another important aspect is that you do not sit in the waiting area unless you are told to. Avoid ushering yourself in a place you are not familiar with.

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The entry.

Tell the others how you wish to be treated…nonverbally. Do you know that the way and pace one walks can be used to define heir character? Do not display a shy and timid personality. Instead, walk in confidently without hesitation and maintain your pace.

The approach.

Smile and shake the person’s hand firmly. Don’t try so hard. Let the other person see that you are accustomed to it.

The handshake.

Keep your palm straight and return the amount of pressure you receive. Let the other person decide when to terminate the handshake. When greeting them, use their name if you know it.

When you seat.

Sit 45 degrees away from the person to avoid being stuck in that reprimanding position for the course of the interview. If you cannot turn the chair, turn your body.

Seating areas.

Never sit on a low sofa unless if it is the only option. If it’s the only option, then sit at the edge. It portrays a confident character and it also serves you from sinking in the sofa.

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Your gestures.

Use well-timed few gestures. They portray a high status.


Respect the other person’s distance, don’t be too intrusive. Sit comfortably it will make you feel confident and confidence makes you perform better. Sit not too close or too far.

Your exit.

Pack your things calmly and deliberately. When you get to the door, turn around and smile. Keep your confidence no matter what happens.


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