Top 5  Job Scam Warning Signs



Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a job is real or is a scam until you are scammed. Due to hardships in our country, internet fraud is rampant and scammers are resorting to preying on jobseekers by feeding of their desperation. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to equip yourself with knowledge to identify a real from a fake job.


Vacancy Mail is Zimbabwe’s leading job platform/ website. All jobs on our website are verified thoroughly and they are posted by legitimate organisations which have employed a plethora of job seekers.  Always rely on us for quality jobs, however getting jobs on whatsapp from unverified people is at your own risk.


Below is A List of Top Job Scam Warning Signs



  1. They contact you from nowhere

This is an obvious sign of a job scammer. They can approach you saying they found your CV online. Their words are usually too good to be true, they will try to entice you saying you have made it to the finalists. No matter the situation, do not entertain them. Real job offers come in a formal way not through whatsapp or email.  To be safe, take note of jobs and positions you have applied for.


  1. They try to lure you with a huge pay check

Scammers are desperate people. They try to fish job seekers with over the top offers which are not even offered by real employers. Nothing is for free in this world. Watch out for free stuff or things that are too good to be true, job search does not work that way. To protect yourself from these types of scams, ignore their messages, a real employer doesn’t discuss salary over the phone. Stay away from informal recruitment.


  1. They promise to give you the job right away after a certain payment

What is a scam without money involved? Of course everything will lead to money. The scammers will promise you a quick job offer after paying a certain amount of money. They sell hope to entice you into surrendering your money. Some of these scammers are in our whatsapp groups since a whatsapp link is available to anyone, they join and leave the groups then target group members one by one. DO NOT entertain a person who comes from nowhere, if you are in Vacancy Mail whatsapp groups only apply for jobs we send. Our admins do not inbox or call people, keep a blind eye to new contacts talking about jobs in your inbox




  1. Online Interviews Via whatsapp or other messaging platforms


Zimbabwean employers use formal ways of interviews, that is face to face interviews and Skype or other video conferencing platforms on different occasions. Scammers will ask you for money to get you into an interview. Let me emphasize this again, there are no recruitment expenses on that part of the job seeker no matter the situation. If there is money involved, that is a clear red flag for a scam in your territory, do not give in to them



  1. Listen To Your Gut

Sometimes your instincts might save you from bad situations. If something doesn’t feel right or feels unnatural than what a real job offer should be, leave it at that. Research about the company can be your best defense. If you feel things aren’t right, trust your intuition. Ask more questions and pay close attention to answers. To save yourself from all these troubles, we highly recommend you to rely on job adverts from Vacancy Mail only. Contact us if you are not sure of any job offer you have received. Applying jobs from unverified platforms will only bring you trouble, rely on Vacancy Mail for authentic jobs.


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