Top 6 in demand jobs in South Africa right now

in demand jobs in South Africa
In demand jobs in South Africa

Top 6 in-demand jobs in South Africa right now.

South Africa is one of Africa’s biggest economies and one of the worlds’ most industrialized countries. Even though the rate of unemployment has significantly risen in the past few years due to economic constraints and covid-19 did not help either, with multiple companies downsizing and choosing to go digital, there are still some jobs that are in high demand, and if you are job searching these are the careers you should maybe take a look at first.


The demand for skilled artisans in South Africa has significantly risen despite the recent pandemic. There is a massive shortage of artisans in South Africa, and the supply cannot meet the demand. The deputy minister of education has cemented this fact by stating a high request for artisans in South Africa. They are importing artisans from other countries. Artisans include carpenters, toolmakers, fitters, joiners or mechanics, plumbers and electricians.

Customer Service Representative

The demand for customer representatives has increased recently, and this is a result of the pandemic. Many companies are employing customer service representatives to help with customer complaints and questions. Customer representatives are found in almost every industry, and their duties vary according to the industry they are in or what type of work they do. For example, a customer representative for a bank deals with customers inquiring about their accounts and a representative who works for a service provider deals with outages and service problems.


The need for drivers has never been necessary; drivers are now one of the drivers of economies worldwide. They work to deliver merchandise on time, including medical supplies, food and other utilities. Like all other jobs, drivers have risen to prominence worldwide due to the pandemic, which can be said for South Africa.

Registered Nurse

This can only make sense since the imminent arrival of the pandemic. The increase in patients who need critical care has increased worldwide, the same for South Africa. The government of South Africa has set up many covid 19 centres, and in the process, they have hired hundreds of nurses and are still in need of more. Even private institutions require nurses making this job a well-demanded profession.

Web Designer

The and development field has never been this important and continues to grow. In this digital era, most business is now being done online, and web designers and developers are significant pieces in this revolution. The job of a web designer involves creating new websites as well as updating and maintaining existing ones. Almost every company has a website these days explaining the rise in demand for these professionals.

IT Specialists

Like a web designers, IT specialists have become more in demand due to the digital transformation of the business world. Therefore, IT specialists can hope for attractive employment from large to small corporations. IT has different fields, and those in demand include Software developers, IT security, Data scientist and Application support.

Data scientists: analyses large amounts of data for vital information to help a business succeed or solve a problem.

IT security experts: As an IT Security specialist, you will be responsible for protecting the company from data theft, corruption and data loss. You will save the company data from hackers and harmful malware.

Software developer: Software developers design appropriate software to solve company problems or for business development. They use programming languages like Java to create software programmes that can be useful for a firm.

Final words

Given the changing nature of the business environment, the jobs in demand in South Africa can change with time; however, in 2021, these are some of the most in-demand jobs in South Africa.




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