What is the difference between TVET college and University of Technology?

Difference between TVET and University of technology
Difference between TVET and University of technology

Difference between TVET college and University of Technology

TVET stands for Technical Vocational Education and Training.

Practical skills

The purpose of TVET colleges is to equip students with the practical skills that enable them to carry out jobs in their respective industries whereas a University of Technology provides a student with the knowledge without practical skills.


The University of Technology offers more knowledge in the subject being studied as compared to TVET colleges.

Job ranking

University of Technology graduates usually get better jobs and have higher ranking jobs than TVET college graduates.


TVET colleges offer National Certificates while Universities offer Honours Degrees.

Entry requirements

Students should have passed Grade 12 to study at Universities of technology while TVET colleges require a minimum of Grade 9.

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Final Remarks

The principal objective of TVET is to train youths and adults alike, readying them for the labor market. Although Universities offer you a better chance of getting high paying jobs TVET Colleges offer you more job opportunities due to the demand nature of the labor market.


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